After a break up, running into your ex is a necessary evil that you will likely have to go through. It’s unavoidable, and although you might put on the façade of indifference on the outside, on the inside your mind is a whirlwind of thoughts. These are just the number of things that go through your mind when you encounter an ex in the wild:

1- Oh no!

You’ve spotted them, and at this moment, you’re hoping the ground would just swallow you whole where you stand. At this point, you’ve let your friends know that you’ve seen your ex and they’re equally freaking out.

2- Have they seen me?

You’re wondering if they’ve seen you, because they could be ignoring you or they simply didn’t notice you. This could be your opportunity to make your escape.

3- Should I go up to them?

Another side of you is wondering if you should just go up to them and spark up a conversation. This might be your chance to get some closure, or the prospect of an awkward conversation.

4- They look better/worse

If you see your ex in public, you’ve probably sized them up and tried to work out if they got fatter or if they seem happier than you are. It’s not a healthy practice, but it’s human.

5- Is he/she still single?

For those of you who are still hung up on their exes, you’re wondering whether or not they’re taken because you might consider having a shot with them. If you’re not hung up on them, you’re wondering if you’ve won the break up because the winner of break-up is the one who gets into a relationship first! Of course, this isn’t true! In both cases, you should let sleeping dogs lie and move on!

6- Do they think about me sometimes?

That’s a normal thought. And the answer is: Yes, they probably do. If you’ve ever dated or been involved with someone, they’re going to think about you or the relationship they had with you. Nostalgia is normal for everyone. They’re not going to think about you all the time, but they have given you some thought just like you have.

7- Poker face!

With all these thoughts whirring in your brain, you’re trying to keep your cool. You’re wondering what’s the best way to show that you don’t care. And you’re hoping this poker face will do it.

Running into your ex in public can be a harrowing experience, but if you get through the experience without wanting them back, then that’s a true sign of maturity.