By: Dahab ElKady

Being single can be awesome sometimes, but it doesn’t seem that much fun when a partner is badly needed! Relationships are always complicated but just when it’s hard to carry the load of life all on your own, you will feel the need for someone to lean on.

1. When all your friends are busy and you’re bored.

A single guy/girl would always tend to find free time in their day, where no texts are being sent and no calls are being received. Although this may sound peaceful, but boredom ultimately takes over.

2. Your bestie’s got a boyfriend.

Your partner in crime is being shared. Your bestie is always your go to person whenever there’s a movie you want to catch at the cinema, or go out for brunch and some gossip. Sadly, her new boyfriend would practically be her new partner in everything.

3. Third-wheeling moments.

Sometimes it’s fifth wheeling too! You need to put up with all the kissing and cuddling when no “Get a room” comment will ever make a difference.

4. New movies released and your friends are not cinema fans.

It’s so hard to find a cinema partner and so sad to go on your own, so basically you’ll just miss the movie and wait for a torrent.

5. “Let’s take a couples’ picture”.

No comment. You probably end up taking the picture!

6. Attention needed.

A girl would miss being told how beautiful she is when no one would realize how sexy she looks in that dress! A boy would miss the long phone talks late at night and recounting the funny stories that happened in the morning at work.

7. Searching for ‘the one’, again.

Especially after a long time without a serious relationship. Unintentionally you’ll find yourself in a battle of finding the one because for no clear reason, the universe will lead you to doing so!

Being single is definitely a precious time to cherish. Even if you need someone around to feel complete, you should be the one finding the missing pieces sometimes. However, don’t let those moments above make you feel the need for a relationship, no matter how bored of being single you are. You will find ‘the one’ when it’s the right time. As Stephen K. Amos once said: “Love is like fart. If you force it, it’s probably shit.”