Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have come across one or two of your friends’ college fundays, and in case you’ve never heard of fundays, allow us to explain. A college funday is one where the graduating batch of the year wears the same t-shirt with a unique design to match their major. They keep taking pictures all day long and signing each other’s shirts with some add-ons like a DJ, a band or some performing acts. This is how it’s supposed to be, a ‘fun” way to say goodbye to your mates and the place where you studied for four years. But reality hits, and reality states that this funday usually turns out to be a nightmare for most of the students. Here’s why:

Which Design?


You have countless of majors and countless of ideas, and for every batch we have more than 600 students, and out of those 600 students, 200 of them will come up with a design. You will end up with 100 suitable designs that you have to choose from, and trust me all 600 students will not agree on one thing.

The Actual T-shirt

You need cotton, a material that is easy for them to sign on. You also need different styles to match the boys, the non-hijabis and the hijabis.

The Color

If you choose a basic color like white or grey, it would be too basic and if you go with any shade of blue, girls will object and if you go with any shade of pink or purple, boys will object. So there you go, another loop.

What Color of Hijab?

Enough with the colors already, how much more time do you want to waste? Do you even find time studying for your senior year since you got too busy with choosing colors?

The Place

Do you think your college will allow you to pull this off on their premises while other people are actually trying to study? Well, they might but you need approval, otherwise you have to start searching for suitable alternative venues.

The Entertainment

What band? What preforming act? Should we get a stand-up comedian? Or better a magician? Remember our birthday parties when we were 10, 11 and 12? Yeah, it looks a lot like that.

The Photographer

Well, those pictures are for life, right? You need several good photographers of course, since you have a lot of people asking for pictures everywhere they go.

The Cost

You will find yourself spending 300 pounds or more for exactly 3 hours; do you really think it’s worth it?


Surprisingly, since last year, almost all majors went through this hassle. It’s like a mini wedding rehearsal that turned more or less into a competition between the different colleges to brag about the best funday ever. However, they all agree that it’s a memory to die for. Yeah, whatever.

Good luck with the upcoming fundays of starting a career, getting married and life!