‘Welcome..welcome..welcome ‘. We all get our ‘Anita Henrick Gottenberg’ moment when we see a tourist. Some of us understand how treating a tourist can affect their experience in Egypt, while others seem to be totally clueless and are literally ruining the country’s tourism industry. We’re more concerned with the root of the problem though, namely the assumptions Egyptians have regarding tourists that could frankly be the reason why Egypt is still categorized as a third world nation!

  1. Female tourists are fine towards mingling with strangers

You think it’s completely okay if a female tourist asks you what time it is to ask her back about her room number. It would make total sense that she would be okay to have you over without even knowing your name is…dee touristzz.

  1. Tourists are rich and loaded with dollars

In any country, some people make a lot of money, and some people don’t….YES! They are human beings and the fact that they chose Egypt has to say a lot about how rich they are!

  1. Female tourists are all ‘Russian’ in Sharm

Just because a female tourist is blonde or has the foreign looks, it doesn’t mean that she’s Russian. There are a lot of other nationalities that visit Sharm-el Sheikh including Egyptian blonde girls, you know!

  1. All tourists speak English

It’s true that most tourists can express themselves in English, but that doesn’t make it okay to believe that any foreigner speaks the language. Not everyone knows about your engleeezi da ya morsy!

  1. All female tourists are not virgins

Just because tourists are more open minded or go topless on the beach, it doesn’t make them wh****! While some may have lost their virginity, they simply don’t want to jump into bed with you! Hady el le3b ya 7amada.

  1. All they want to do is eat ma7shy and belly dance

They probably are fascinated by our culture, maybe over fascinated, but they surely don’t want to wake up every day to the smell of ta2leya. They also like to watch a belly dancer perform her act, but teaching a tourist enaha ter3esh would be taking it too far!

  1. They are fascinated by anything related to ‘Khofo & Khafra3’

Vendors link candles and t-shirts to khofo, as if tourists are aliens who would just die for any ‘khofo’ thing. They probably know that a key chain did not exist back then unless you did!


Now that we’ve wrapped up all the weird myths Egyptians have about tourists, we would like to mention on a side note that just because you want to hit on a female tourist, it doesn’t by all means give you an excuse to tell her stories about how Egyptian male pharaohs are known for being good in whatsoever, and you know what I mean by ‘whatsoever’, w ba3d keda la mo2akhza- tefda7na.

Have a good day by za byramidz