Written by: Sara Mahmoud Mohamed

You could be totally lost between all the endless series this Ramadan, but make sure not to miss “7alawet El Donia” because it actually does show the sweetness in this world!

The series stars Hend Sabry and Dhafer L’Abidine on lead roles. The very first episode presents “Amina”, the main character who’s very successful in her career and engaged to a handsome man. Her wedding date is so close and she’s very busy preparing for every small detail in it.

She seems like she had it all until she accidentally discovers that she has Leukemia! Her world literally collapses! she is totally shocked as she never expected this to happen to her.

At first, she didn’t tell her family or her fiancé, trying to figure out how she will deal with it. After a couple of episodes, she manages to tell her family and her fiancé who were scared to death but also super supportive .

Then she met “Selim” who’s very annoying and bothers her all the time. She hated him at first and didn’t pay him any attention until she discovered that he’s also a cancer patient, but she was surprised about his attitude towards his illness, his life, people and everything. Selim chooses not to get any treatment. He doesn’t think about tomorrow and only wants to live today.

Amina’s relationship with her fiancé gets worse until he finally dumps her. She feels totally broken, but meanwhile her relationship with Selim keeps developing. They end up being madly in love with each other!

Selim opens up to Amina about his feelings, explaining how her love changed him, how he wants them to be together even if it was for a couple of days and then he PROPOSED! “major aww moments”

Selim is finally getting treatment and Amina is by his side hoping they could make it through all of this together, and we can’t wait to see how this series will end!