For all those who thought they’d be hitting the beach in Sahel and enjoying the waves all day long, let’s just make it clear for everyone that this probably ain’t going to happen. The story of a jellyfish wrapping its tentacles around someone is becoming viral. Those creatures are evil I tell you! You’d think the water is clear and refreshing before you get stung and end up soothing your skin with vinegar for the night!
After conducting extensive research, we discovered that this outbreak of jellyfish is mainly because of two reasons. One is the climate change due to global warming, resulting in variant water temperature and the second is related to the recent expansion of the Suez Canal, resulting in the migration of new species from the Indian Ocean including those jelly-like creatures! We thought we might tackle the topic from a different perspective and share 8 weird myths Egyptians circulated about the jellyfish issue!

1. ‘Da maby3mlsh 7aga, ebni beyl3ab beeh’

Okay, then why don’t you show us yourself? You’ve probably heard this one from Madame 3afaf bragging how her son, who has probably mistaken a plastic bag for a jellyfish, grabs it in his hand! Sorry 7amada!

2. ‘Law 3amalt tartasha el jellyfish hayegri

That could be true if we were dealing with a kalb balady on the road, but jellyfish will probably get more aggressive if they were threatened. Your creative tartasha while swimming like a maniac to the shore won’t do you any good.

3. ‘El jellyfish da 3ekab men 3and rabena

No comment.

4. ‘Mmkn tegebo w naklo sengary’

Just because something swims, it doesn’t give you an excuse to stuff it or grill it. If you’re still not convinced, make sure you tell us how it tasted like if you’re still alive!

5. ‘El Jellyfish can live out of the water for a couple of hours’

They probably got bored of the water and decided to hang out on the shore, right? In case the jellyfish missed you, we’ll make sure we attack you ourselves if you sincerely believed that!

6. ‘Lazem had ye3mel pipi 3alek to heal the sting

Apart from that being true, there are other options like vinegar or creams. You don’t have to act like a toilet at all!

7. ‘They change color according to the weather’

If there is one thing we’re sure of, it’s that they are not lizards and they don’t change colors. There are blue jellyfish, and then there are the white ones and also red ones. They are not cute and they don’t change colors according to their mood!

8. ‘They release toxins into the water and that stings’

If you get stung and don’t find those big creepy things floating beside you, it doesn’t mean the toxins are in the water. It just means that a young extremely hard to spot jellyfish is present and stinging you! We know you won’t get into the water after reading that!

Apart from de mo2amra min Israel and get into the water with your loved ones so the love can scare them away, we hope that all the rumors can just fade away and the jellyfish can sting all the people who seem to scare us off those blue waves with their weird stories! If you want our advice, pack plenty of vinegar bottles with you and get into the water with a brave heart. If you find one floating beside you, e3mel nafsak mayet or just let it sting you. You have to get stung by a jellyfish to be Sahel 2017 material anyway!