Some lies are a mixture of white lies and things we only say out of habit, though we don’t really mean anything by them. Let’s have some fun and count them down.

Below are 8 lies Egyptians should stop using: 

1. Five Minutes 

It’s always Khamas da2ay2 w 7awsal/7a5alas/7akalmak/7amout…you have no idea what could happen in 5 minutes.

2. B2amana/Bsera7a/Bgd 

Or anything that starts with B- is followed by a lie!

3. Mafish Faka…

It’s as if change is a treasure we’re all guarding and refuse to pass on to each other!

4. Matkhali ya Fandem

I would like to meet someone who got away without paying after this one.

5. Madrasty Gamila Nazifa w Motatawerah

 And that was the first lie we ever learnt.

6. Masme3tsh!!  

This one is usually saved for Mom when she calls you and you can’t seem to get up!

7. Howa 2alak fin? 

That question! What is wrong with saying “I don’t know”?!

8. A7san Nas 

-Where are you from?

– Alexandria/Port Said/Mansoura/Tokyo/Mozambique….

– A7san nas!

Dalida even sang a whole song about it!

9. El Tefl El Masry Azka Tefl Fi El 3alam 

Yep, we all know this one is true!!

Got anymore to add to the list?