By Donia Assar

We’ve all been there; don’t worry we feel you. It’s becoming a daily thing that we experience a mini heart attack; it even reached a point where a specific situation has repeatedly given us a mini heart attack. So here are 6 situations we can all relate to:

1. Crossing the Road

Our endless daily struggle. Crossing the road in Egypt, either a busy or an empty one, is the perfect representation of a suicide mission. To make things even worse it’s always the pedestrian’s fault; I mean how dare you cross the road while people are driving? Don’t you have manners?

2. Passing by a Group of Guys

We all know the possible scenarios; catcalling, jumping in front of us and blocking our way and, the worst of them all, getting touchy.

3. Checking the Price of An Item

Huge disappointment when we discover the price of the item we fell in love with, this could be way worse than a guy breaking up with you.

4. Sending a Text to the Wrong Person

Especially if it’s one intended for your best friend, that’s going from 100-0 real quick.

5. Missing a Step on the Stairs

You starting thinking you’re going to have one of those dramatic falls where you might break a limb or end up dead.

6. Thinking You Lost Your Phone

Memory loss problems; forgetting where you put it and then searching for it in your pocket.

7. Falling off the Bed

The scariest of them all is when you’re having the perfect dream and BOOM you’re awaken by thinking you’re going to fall and just wake up to find yourself face down on the floor.

8. Scary Movie Moment

That moment when you’re so focused on the movie and then comes the scary moment; you just turn into a cat flying into the air from how scared you are.