Men are great at keeping secrets. It’s one of their most redeeming qualities! Sometimes, however, that doesn’t play well in women’s favour because they use that quality we appreciate so much to successfully hide things from us as well. We all have skeletons we wouldn’t like to share with anyone and are keeping some of our friends’ skeletons tucked away safely too. But there are certain topics that men prefer to keep under the wraps from their women because they don’t want to hurt them. It doesn’t really make them liars as they’re only omitting certain details they perceive as “unnecessary” to share. 

1- Detailed past relationship history 

Men are jealous creatures by nature and they definitely won’t like to hear stories about you and your ex. They will assume that you are the same way and in return will share limited past relationship history with you.

2- How often he watches porn 

It’s no secret that almost all men watch porn; it’s a long known fact. Your man may confide in you that he watches porn but he will neglect to tell you just how often he does it, because he will deem the information personal and unnecessary for you to know. It can also scratch his pride a little to admit it to you.

3- How often they check out other women 

The male head is programmed to literally turn around when a hot woman walks by. Most of the time, their head turns even before they’ve decided that she’s hot. They check her out and decide afterwards. It means nothing and shouldn’t belittle you in anyway because it’s human nature to appreciate beauty!

4- He finds your best friend prettier than you

This is not a rule that is set in stone but in case he finds your best friend prettier than you, he would never admit this out loud. He will try his best not to fantasise about her in respect to your relationship with her, but he might date her if you guys break up.

5- He fantasies & has sex dreams about other women sometimes 

He can’t help it because this is how the male brain is wired. But remember that you are bound to have your own dirty dreams about other men too!

6- They keep their friends’ secrets from you 

Usually in big group of friends and especially when you have couple friends in common, guys will stick together and unite against you. However, in certain situations and to a certain extent, he might share with you a secret his friend told him about your friend.

7- They are not as feminists as they pretend 

They act all feminist in front of you because they want to remain on your good graces. But, he probably turns into a different person with a different mindset around his friends and turns his back on some of the feminist beliefs he upholds when he’s with you.

8- They secretly rate you & compare you to other women

Guys have a rating system that is universally known which rates how hot a woman is from a scale of 1 to 10. No matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise, when they first met you, they rated you on the spot! You have a number. They also compared you to other women they’ve dated and other girls they crushed on.

9- He probably flirts with other women 

But he would never tell you that. Remember when Monica told Chandler that sometimes she flirts with other guys to get something in return? Well, men do it for other reasons. They activate their flirting mode with other women when you’re not around because all men like attention.

Before you get all worked up, remember all the secrets you’re keeping from him and you will realise that your love is stronger than some silly secrets that won’t add or subtract anything substantial from your relationship. 

  • Lo’ay Yasser

    U keep on saying ALL men do bla bla bla… u just have a shitty bf