Okay so here is how it goes! You arrive home at four o’clock, and usually make a list for your plans of the day. Hardly before six, will you start your planned schedule. You seem to be having a final submission for work or school. You have to make a phone call that has been delayed for days. Not to mention, that your friends have been asking you to show up to their outings recently, and you know you are about to lose the only four friends you have. You feel sad about that final episode of grey’s anatomy  or the Champions League final that you cannot watch, and you are tired of having to fix schedules & timelines that never seem to happen.

If  your life is, in a way, close to that scenario, you use the words  ‘metaba2’ aw ‘coffee’  a lot, or even if you’re reading that and relating to your undone chores, I have the honor to welcome you to the Last Minute- family. Just in case you’re panicking right now, you’re not alone, and here’s how you can spot the rest of the gang…

#elmet2akhareen dayman.

1-You have the best excuses in the world.

You are always doing everything ‘the last minute’, so in most of the cases, your  laptop will not seem to be there for you, and you won’t be done. Bas 3ala meen?..you will come up with an excuse that makes you get an extra week and your superior’s sympathy instead of being blamed for the delay.

llast minute-1

2.You have one of your friends who knows your case and saves you.

Most last minute people know how hopeless their case is, and in order to always have a backup plan, they will have that friend who always has a laptop in hand, knowledge about a little bit of everything and good relations. You will find them saved on your phonebook as “aham shakhseya f hayate” or ‘superman’…you know what I mean.


3.You are a master in estimating Traffic details.

One of the biggest sins of a last minute person is showing up late to any appointment, so they probably are masters of their own so called ‘takhremat and shware3 sereya’. They will tell you ‘ la2 khoshe yemen ashan keda mosh hanwsal” and trust them, they’ve been there before.

jwj Obama 00510

4.You have the most bizarre situations happening to you.

Because you’re always in a rush, and can’t take a breath between actions, you probably say things without even thinking about them, you hit people while rushing anywhere, and for that, you will be the one ,who nearly got crushed by el metro or who accidentally texted your boss ‘bahebak’.


5.No one wants to be in a group activity with you.

As sad as it sounds, you are not the type of person who people would fight over in a group. People know the torture you will bring to their lives with your late emails and weirdest excuses. You will have to do double the work, to prove to the rest of the team otherwise, and that is the ugly side my friend!


6.You spend hours staring fel sa2f making plan A & B and sometimes C.

You go to bed every day and think to yourself ” I want to become organized and time bound” …the end result is most probably following plan D which you did at the moment you realized ‘mafeesh fayda’

last minute-no.6

7.You hate stuff like ”Punctuation. Low battery…buffering. Feedback”

To you, the pace of life is different, and you never slow down, because you start late. Things like punctuation and low battery seem to take you down, and who has time for feedback? sa7 ya ragel men 3ando wa2t?


8.When you have no chores ahead…you disappear.

If you afford a last minute lifestyle, you are probably always stressed and caffeine over dosed. So once you get your head clear…No one will be able to reach you, or locate you…ya 3afreet!

last minute-no.8

Well to be honest, I believe that the problem last minute people have, is how they deal with it after all. Being a last minute person is a tough thing, and having to decide to change is never easy. It has to start with referring to a professional book or source to learn the steps of organizing your life. You need to slow down the pace and reflect on the reasons why you’re always late. Be honest with yourself and capabilities, take a decision to improve yourself and maybe then you’ll have time to watch the season finale of grey’s anatomy aw teshof el match men awelo…#NOlateNOmore