If you don’t drink or are even against drinking in general, we support and root for you my friend! But this article is for those on the other side of the equation to be honest! For the ones who party till dawn and fail to remember where they parked their cars, the ones who usually have to take a cab home and wake up with a hangover the next morning. What we came up with is a list of extremely embarrassing and hilarious drunk situations one can find themselves in when the alcohol takes over and then spend the rest of his/her life regretting it!

1. The classic ‘text your ex really really bad texts’!

The alcohol puts you in the mood to just kill the negative thoughts or maybe just let them all out. You’ll be texting your ex how much you hated her sweating incident or how she grew facial hair more than you ever did!

2. You start to think you’re the next Fifi Abdou

You probably had an extra shot or two and the music got you shaking that belly thinking you’re acing it, when all everyone else can see is a vibrating kersh!

3. You become turned on to a weird extent!

You could literally make love to a tree! You will flirt with strangers on the street and make out with anyone or anything!!

4. Carry random things with you on the way!

When you’re drunk, everything in the world seems to be okay to grab or take home. You can get into a store and just decide not to pay for something you take or you can decide to take a traffic sign home, but then you’ll take it all the way to prison!

5. Pipi, Pipi and Pipi!

You probably know that but what you don’t know is that you might have to pee in your friend’s bag, on strangers’ cars or maybe right in your own pants!

6. Over-expressing love to your pet!

Your emotions are probably over the edge and your pet is usually the victim. You’ll be cuddling way too much with your cat/dog and telling them how much you love them, poor thing!

7. Crying to the fact that you cuddle with your pet

When you realize how lonely and drunk you are, the negativity will eat you up and you’ll go to sleep crying like a baby lel asaf!

8. Oversharing on social media!

Your friends will hate you for it! They don’t want their crush to know they have feelings for them just because you’re over drinking!

The one thing we chose to leave till the very end is the fact that people will NEVER admit that they’re drunk! We know! Our final advice is to make sure you have a sober friend by your side on those dark days, so they can drive you home or bail you out of jail if you get arrested!

Fe se7etko!