Our lives change drastically once we become parents, for both men and women. To be honest though, it affects women more as some men choose not to accept those changes.

1. Going to bed early

And this is not by choice really but we have to. Once we finally put the kid(s) to sleep we think: finally some alone time. Hate to burst your bubble but that’s not how it goes, you’ll be too tired to stay up and you’ll fall asleep before it’s even 11 PM. If you’re a night owl, you’ll feel this change immensely! We don’t remember what it’s like to stay up until 4 AM.

2. Shower? What shower?

No one forgets to shower on a daily basis. Who does that? Moms. It’s so easy for us to forget to take a shower. Sounds gross but it happens.

3. A little human attached to you 24/7

It’s kind of hard not to notice something that cries and is attached to you; it’s the biggest change obviously. Be prepared for this for the next 3 years. This attachment is pretty strong especially if you nurse. It’s still nice though, as we get to breathe in that lovely newborn scent all day long.

4. You can’t go out everywhere

We have to start thinking about places that are baby friendly or toddler friendly later on. Needless to say, this really limits your options for outings.

5. No spontaneous plans

Say goodbye to outings out of the blue. Now we have to make plans days ahead just to make sure we’ll actually be able to go out.

6. Be prepared to share EVERYTHING

Kids want whatever you have. It doesn’t really matter if it’s too big for them to wear or if it’s too spicy to eat, they want it. If they’re older, they’ll try to apply the “sharing is caring” principle you always try to enforce. Yes, we know, we’re the parents.

7. You get superpowers!

Not kidding! Your reflex skills are no joke as you can catch a falling child mid-air. The strength you have to carry your baby plus 3 bags is astonishing! I never knew I had it in me!

8. You get to experience unconditional love

The love you get from a child could not be replicated. It makes you feel like it’s all worth it; all those sleepless nights and all the crying are met with mountains of love. We sometimes tend to forget that our kids never intend to make us mad or upset, it’s just part of being a parent.

Even though some of these things may seem discouraging, parenthood truly is worth it. El 2emooma msh sahla bas mestahla.