Naming a pet can be a difficult task. But if you live in Egypt, it can be a lot simpler than you think. Most dogs in Egypt have similar names. If you decide to call your dog Lucky, you better believe that your neighbor two doors down has a dog named Lucky too! Here are some of the most popular pet names Egyptians have called their animal friends:

1- BrandoFunny-dog-face-picture-480x300

I still have no idea what this name really means. I don’t understand why most dog owners I know have called their dogs Brando either; it’s definitely not an original name.

2- Lucky

 UnknownI happen to know a lot of dogs with this name and many of them happen to be very unlucky! They either constantly get into ruthless fights with others dogs, have a limp or are blind in one eye. People should really stop jinxing their own pets with this name.

3- Rex

Rottweiler-Dinosaur-Dog--101008This name is a favorite among dog owners who want to scare people away. It’s perfect for all the guard dogs out there because nothing sounds scarier than a T-Rex. People who choose this name usually own Rottweilers or Dobermans.

4- Vodka672515-5b8579aa-a45d-11e3-b6d5-410120ff355a

Enta kda tamam. You just named your dog after an alcoholic beverage and proved to everyone how cool you are. If only, people actually cared about what you named your dog! There’s no reason you should be randomly shouting for “Vodka!” in the park, unless you’re Russian.

5- Tequilachihuahua-sombrero-tequila

These people are just as cool as those who name their dog Vodka. Homa kda gamdeen begad.The only difference is that people who shout for “Tequila!” in a park, are either really drunk or really love Tequila. Name your dog something else to clear the confusion.

6- Lassie

lassie-4In my mind, there’s only one true Lassie. It was a great companion to a kid called Timmy in a hit T.V. show carrying the same name. Your dog can never be as cool as the real Lassie, and even if it was, it would never have its own T.V. show. There’s really no point in even trying to live up to that name!

7- Jack

411d67fe6b239774365a2d09d5bfe5ff_5070We’re not really sure if this is the name of a beverage. But if it is, there’s no reason your dog should be named after one. Unless your dog is going to climb a beanstalk some time soon, then you shouldn’t name them Jack.

8- Bella1375197380989156

We get it. Your dog is beautiful, or at least you think it is. There’s no reason you should enforce it upon the rest of the world.


funnydogs0002_ONo. Unless you want your dog to be beaten up by all the other dogs, never call your dogs any of these names! If your dog is a cute Terrier, consider more threatening names like Lion or Tiger, so at least it can give the impression of being scary!

To all dog owners out there: Do your dogs and humanity a favor and give your dogs more original and inventive names. 

  • Peri Menopausal

    Are these just names you’re familiar with or did you get them from an actual source (an Egyptian news agency or rescue organization)? Thanks!