By: Reem Hussein

Eid is an amazing opportunity to gather up with family members. A festive sense fills us up and gives us a boost of positive energy to celebrate with close and even distant relatives. We encounter charitable and good deeds around every corner. Sharing of blessings and feeding the poor are common sights we see. It just makes us happy in every way.

But Eid wouldn’t be Eid if we don’t also encounter these characters:

1. The one that scans you from head to toe

Usually it’s an older woman who will examine every single thing you are wearing, your hairstyle and your makeup. She will not let any detail pass her by. She is basically there to watch; her source of happiness comes from evaluating others. Sometimes, even when you’re not looking, you can even feel her stare burning your back.

2. The one who leaves “funny” and “constructive” remarks

“Hanefra7 beeki emta?”, “tekhenety awi”, “byaklo aklek fel beet?” is the same person who says “sayem wala zai kol sana?” in Ramadan. Sometimes you can see that they truly care and are concerned about you, but the way it comes out is just purely blunt.

3. The one who grew very old but is still unaware of it

It’s nice to see a family member who is young at heart and cheerful, but please spare us el 2omsan el meshagara, the extensions and bleached blonde hair.

4. The one who spams your WhatsApp with messages like “fi wahed wasany eny asalem 3alek esmo 3eed sa3eed”

It’s about time that you realize that these messages will keep flooding your phone every year. However, be mindful of playing these videos out loud when you’re in public, otherwise you will be in an awkward situation.


5. The one who is always absent-minded

He comes to the gathering unaware of the timing and the surroundings. How he reached the house is even a puzzle for us. Is he aware that we are in Eid? We will never know. He will stare continuously into nothingness and we can’t help but wonder if he knows that he shouldn’t have brought that box of Ka7k along.

6. The one who will give out 3edeyat to everyone

Lol. We wish. This person no longer exists or only exists in our imagination but when he does, he gives everyone a 3edeya even 20 year olds! We are just sending our blessings to this imaginary person.

7. The one who has personal issues and holds grudges

“Do you remember when I called you back in 2005 and you didn’t pick up that phone?” It’s the people who automatically remember something that is upsetting them whenever they see you. They’re the ones who keep saying “Mabtes2alsh leh?”. We would rather abstain from that blame game and enjoy our Eids peacefully.

8. The one who eats till they go into a food coma

“Eid el La7ma” is the perfect excuse for the one with the big appetite to just keep binge-eating. His drive is basically food. We understand your rush into eating that fatta but take it easy on yourself.


9. The one who doesn’t stop talking

“Khalty el latata”, this person is always the life of the gathering. He/she never stops talking; they’ve always got something new to share. After you eat and you want to rest after the huge plate of fatta, she/he is still talking non-stop about something that you don’t even care about.

Needless to say, we love our families more than anything and we wouldn’t be able to love Eid or any events in general without their presence in our lives.