You’ve probably heard your best friend, family relative or even yourself whining about it especially when it’s been a long day away from home. They’re uncomfortable, agonizing and really suffocating!

Here are 9 reasons why the moment women take their bras off is probably the best moment of their day!

1. The Under-boob sweat

Don’t you just hate it every time you find sweat lines on your shirt and try to hide it with a scarf or your handbag but it’s too obvious to cover!

2. White bras just don’t stay white

Didn’t I just take you out of the washing machine this morning? Why are you grey now? What happened in those past few hours?!

3. Wearing a strapless dress means spending the night hauling up the bra that’s trying to slip off your body

Even if it’s strapless, it will always ruin your look, no matter how many pins you added to keep it in place!

4. If you work out, it’s a bit hard to take off your sports bra

Do you remember how many times you were stuck inside the changing room trying to take your sports bra off? And you thought you’d never get it out!

5. They cost more than your shoes

Five hundred pounds for a bra? Why? Does it do back flips?! Now it’s not that easy to buy a bra, you usually have to wait for big offers to hit the market!

6. But then again every shop’s sizes are different

Sometimes you’re a size B, other times you’re a C. Never trust an accurate size girls!

7. Tight bras give you back fat you didn’t know existed

It’s always the “I need to start dieting tomorrow” that comes after taking off a tight bra!

8. Lacy patterns you like look as if you’re smuggling worms in your chest

You find lines of the lace pattern stamping on all over your back and underarms, and yes it hurts sometimes!

9.The shoulder tan is not that good!

You know this off shoulder top you can’t wait to pull off this summer, but you simply can’t because of these weird tan lines caused by your bra?!

To Keep it short, we just wanted to make it clear that just because we walk into our daily lives smiling, it doesn’t mean it’s free of struggle… The struggle is underneath my friend!

  • Shanon

    I gave up on them years ago. Never cared about the looks it may bring, the potential pokies, or the eventual sagging that it may cause. For me, it just comes down to finding it more comfortable.