true love
By: Rana Ramez

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings people get to experience. But how do we know when it is true love? The tricky part is that our inner urge to love and be loved and our fascination by the entire idea can be manipulative, leading us to create false feelings and live in a fairy-tale based only on the idea of love and not on actual love. This is not only unfair to the partner we engage in our story, but also to ourselves as we tend to cut off any true chance of real love.

Next are 9 signs of true love:

1- Average Becomes Extraordinary

Who wouldn’t enjoy a fancy candle lit dinner or a romantic trip to the beach? When you’re falling head over heels, the ordinary moments become thrilling when you get to share them with the one you love.

2- Bearable Pain

Researchers from Stanford University found that looking at a picture of your loved one while you’re in pain can reduce your brain’s pain response by up to 40% for moderate pain and up to 15% for severe pain. So next time you have a headache, you can test the intensity of your love in a scientifically proven way.

3- Unfair Comparison

Not that other attractive people stop being attractive anymore, but the comparison between your loved one and others takes a one way direction in the favor of your sweetheart. Moreover, if spotting sexy people becomes a fun mutual activity between the two of you, then something special is definitely going on.

4- Global Conspiracy

When you catch the love bug, everything you do and everywhere you go reminds you of your love. The world just seems to conspire against you, or is it just in your mind?! It doesn’t stop at this level; you find yourself mysteriously bringing them up in nearly every convo you have.

5- Unexplained Ecstasy

It’s scientifically proven that love generates the same feeling as the uppers, for instance cocaine. So if you’ve been feeling high lately with a moving-mountains power and a huge joyful appetite for life, probably you’re lucky enough to get some of the free legal stuff 😉

6- Eye for Flaws

The ability to see your S.O as an imperfect human being and be aware of their flaws is a substantial pillar for having a realistic perspective of the relationship. Accepting and being comfortable with your partner’s human flaws means you are much more likely to be in love for real.

7- You’re Never Satisfied

You never get enough of being with your partner; you always want them by your side through happy moments, frustrations, craziness, depressions and a lot more.

8- Alone Time

This could seem contradictory to the previous sign, but it is not. Loving someone doesn’t mean losing yourself. You want to experience everything with them, but you still need your personal space to reconnect with yourself. Otherwise, it’s headed to a dependent unhealthy relationship.

9- Self-improvement

Whether it’s on the personal or professional level, when you’re truly in love, you embark on a journey of self-improvement. You become more serious about getting your life together.

Finally, some people fall for the idea of love and that’s not the real thing, while more fortunate others do find true love.