This year has been absolutely difficult. And while some people have started their countdown to New Year’s this December, others have been waiting on the year to end! We’ve just collected all the moments we’ve wished that 2016 would just be over, because perhaps a new year will be a change of luck! 

1- While searching for sugar in the super markets

Sugar was the star of the month this year. Prices had risen to an all time high and it remains extremely scarce until now. The search for sugar was something that all of us had to endure, and the trek from supermarket to supermarket made us wish this year would come to an absolute halt.

2- Every time we heard any news about the dollar and the Egyptian pound

Never in the history of the country have we become more aware of the exchange rate, the economy and the value of Egyptian pound against the dollar. It seems every day throughout the year we heard something new about the pound, and every day it would get more and more disheartening.

 3- When we’ve had to pay for anything with the way the prices are

Prices of everything have soared! Gone are the days when you could get value for price. Now, you might have to cut off an arm and a leg to buy something half as good.

4- When the weather was awful

Anytime the weather was terrible, especially the past few days with the rain and the cold, we’ve wished that this year would end because at least the next few months would bring gentler weather.

5- Any time Donald Trump said something stupid

Let’s face it. There were a lot of times when that has happened this year. It was inescapable. The man has a way with words. Just not any good words.

6- When there was any commodity crisis in the country

Sugar wasn’t the only commodity that was hard to come by, gas was also pretty scarce this year. And the prices would make you tear up at just the mere thought of needing them! 

7- When any Egyptian did something royally crazy abroad

This was just the year of misrepresentation abroad. Examples include: The Egyptian man who hijacked a plane and forced it to land in Cyprus, the Egyptian Olympian who refused to shake hands with his fellow Israeli athlete. And recently, the Egyptian presidential guards who fought with the Ugandan bodyguards at the Ugandan President’s residence. 

8- When any Egyptian did anything royally crazy in the country

Just when we thought all the crazy stuff was saved for foreign countries, we find out that the source of it is right here! Examples include: Anything that was ever said on Egyptian T.V.

9- When it seemed like the World War III was going to start 

This was a year of political turmoil, to the point that it was particularly troubling. Everyone expected another world war to start. And almost everyone was on the edge of their toes.

Goodbye 2016! We won’t miss you, and good riddance!