Nour is a 19-year-old who was heading home from AUC, with her sister and a friend when a couple of cars appeared to be racing on Road 90 and hit the bumper flipping over Nour’s car (the backseat where Nour was sitting to be specific). Her sister and friend survived the accident, but unfortunately Nour slipped into a coma. A few days later she passed away.


El Banna, Nour’s cousin, confirmed that she was taken to hospital in an ambulance at 11:00 pm on Wednesday the 11th of May. She was already in a coma and sadly passed away on Saturday May 14th.

El Banna added that the driver who crashed into Nour’s car didn’t even have a car license in the first place. The suspects are two brothers, namely, Ahmed Katob and Mahmoud Katob. They were caught by the police, but fled as they faked their injury.

Nour’s friends want to avenge her by law and by seeing the suspects get what they deserve. Hence, they shared a hashtag on Facebook and twitter #حق_نور_مش_هيضيع.