Yes, Kourtney Kardashian is in Sahel with her new Algerian Boyfriend Younes! That is surely an exciting piece of news. However, what’s really fascinating is that her boyfriend is Algerian.

But yes we got used to it -celebrities in a relationship with Arab men have become normal news especially after the incident became so common in the celebrity zone! Here are the other most trending Arab-ships aside Kourtney’s guy today!

1.Rihanna’s Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.

2. Bill gates’ daughter’s Egyptian boyfriend Nayel Nassar, who is a 26-year old professional horse rider and World Cup qualifier.

Now, one can’t help but think are Arab men becoming “In” and in high demand these days?

  • Fly Over Gate

    trading western men for arab men, why not?
    let the western men suffocate, they´ll think both.
    I think it´s disgusting. and not because of the racial aspect. But exactly because the fact that Arab men, muslim men in general, have a history where the literally discriminate against women so much until there are even too few women. Died by abortion, underdevelopment, hard work, punishments, revenge, you name it.
    And they should be the better people then? I don´t think so. And I think it´s a crude injustice towards white men. It´s a form of Holocaust mirroring.