In the chaotic world of Egyptian emotions, one can of course be brother zoned by his/her crush, best friend zoned and in some cases I hear parent-zoned which I don’t totally understand, but I can pass. The newest thing I came across but failed to absorb by all means besara7a is the ‘the French Fries’ zoning. It left me wondering if that is when my partner wanted me around all the time, because that’s how I personally feel towards French fries. Or is it that when I’m too clingy w mezayet  lamo2akhza fa I’m being compared to the oil rich French fries?! At the end, I discovered that it was much bigger than that, and that a lot of us around here are just victims of the French fries zone and they don’t even know it.

Here are 6 signs you got yourself in that crispy zone!

1. Everyone loves you, but you’re not someone’s special

Basically, you’re very popular and have lots of friends but you don’t have that special someone to end the day with. Alike French fries, everyone eats them but they are  rarely someone’s favorite craving or meal!

2. People call you lots of nicknames

Do you hear a lot of ‘ya batates’ w ‘ya tates’? I think that doesn’t need any further explanation my friend!

3. Strangely, people don’t get mad at you when you’re late as long as you show up

You usually arrive late, but people strangely pass as long as you arrive with a smile on your face. Your good humor will make up for your bad timing flaw. Think it over; you wait in line for those French fries to come up fresh and crispy no matter how long it takes!

4. You’re always the last person to know about anything

Do your friends make plans or discuss personal issues but you always learn about it accidentally, and people just assume you’re okay with that? Just because it’s fine to have your Big Mac and Coke and leave the fries till the very end doesn’t make it okay for you ya batates, sa7?

5. Your loved ones have replaced you!

If the people you cherish have replaced with another batatsaya, you’re in with us my friend. Remember when Hardees introduced those curly fries and everyone wanted them instead of the normal fries?!

6. You always go with the flow

It should be a good thing that you’re easygoing and coexist with whatever situation you’re in. In this case, welcome to the fries world. If people perceive you the same way they see fries going well with ketchup/ice cream or even cheese, think that proves our point lel asaf!

Now that we’ve wrapped up your combo zone, you can still easily take yourself out of it and jump into another less stressful zone like brother zone or conventional friend zone. If you ever fail to do that, just remember one thing, we all love those crispy yellow fries covered in salt!