The American University in Cairo (AUC) announced on December 11th that they shall ban women from wearing Niqabs (face veils) on campus. University officials stated that the main reason behind this decision was security concerns.

This ban has been received with fury by students and the campus community, not only because of the ban, but also due to the fact that no previous discussions or negotiations had occurred with the campus community or the faculty senate board.

To express their objection and to defend the freedom of attire on campus, the students organized a stand where the ladies wore a face veil, a gesture to show support to their colleagues who might be deprived from their right to wear what they want on campus.


Furthermore, the students started an online campaign to present the issue by launching the hashtags #TooClothedForAnEducation
#AUCBansNiqab #الجامعة_الأمريكية_تمنع_النقاب.

Starting tomorrow, December 21st, this ban should come into effect.