Buying your dream home is a huge investment and a major decision, but not a hard one to make if you know what you’re in for. Granted, it’s not the most fun thing to do, but can be if you pick some smart choices. Obviously looking for a good location, buying the place, choosing tiles, paints and all that jazz seem endless work; the stress of striving nothing less than perfect is in itself stressful!

To save you some of the stress, we’ve done the homework for you and CGP’s Alburouj topped the list! Located in East Cairo, Ismaliya Desert Road, within proximity of your everyday life, Alburouj homes come with a modern, hip architecture. More importantly, and here’s where it gets interesting, all units are delivered fully furnished. If you’re feeling relieved already, head down to their Sales center on Orouba St. and pay them a visit.

The benefits of buying a fully finished unit at Albourouj in plain words that you will relate to:

1. Money saving
Buying a fully finished home will save you money. You will be saving per meter; true that! If you calculate costs of finishing when you receive a semi-finished one and add inflation to that, you’ll be loaded with a hefty big sum to pay on finishing. Do the math and you’ve got a winner! You get what you pay for, no hidden costs whatsoever. No manipulating money-sucking workers who will quote you something and then you end up paying much more!

2. Hassle free
You won’t have to go in circles looking for materials all around the city and the agony of not finding any in stock. You choose everything at CGP, the paintwork, the tiles, the wooden flooring. One-stop is already a blessing with our insane traffic.

3. No builders or workers
You’ll avoid drama and the postponed deadlines. No more “I was sick” or “my neighbor’s friend’s cousin died. Let’s not get started on “the materials aren’t available” and the wait till they’re available. The unending excuses of every worker in the world! CGP will handle everything for you – saving you the headache of dealing with workers.

4. Affordable
Since the dollar hit, it became crucial to find a place that doesn’t break your bank account, which can be pretty rare these days. Alburouj classifies under affordable luxury; that we have to say!

5. Saves Time, ready to move in
The best thing about buying a fully finished home is the delivery date of your new place; you get to move right in. No waiting time unlike semi-finished options in the market, where you have to start decorating after the initial long wait of delivery. It definitely saves you time and effort!

To sum it up, thumbs up to CGP’s Alburouj fully-finished homes; a real estate game changer! It is definitely an appealing investment; quicker, hassle-free move-ins, impeccably flawless quality, and more captivating liveable communities.

  • Ahmed Taha

    what’s their range of prices per meter?