Being a Political Science major makes you a perfect target for political outbursts from everyone around you. You either get showered with questions, or people get so eager to know what you think about the political situation in your country or anywhere in the world… It’s a living hell, but it also makes you notice some bad attitudes people tend to have while discussing political issues…

From a Political Science Major graduate, for the sake of everyone, please keep in mind these 7 things before you talk politics with someone else:

1. No One Is Right Or Wrong

That’s the thing about politics, there is no right and wrong! It’s all about opinions, point of views, perspectives that we all feel incredibly rational and justified about. There is no black and white. Politics welcomes you to the Grey Zone.

2. Listen To The Other Person’s Argument

 Don’t just start firing your argument back without listening to the ideas the other person is presenting. Nothing is for certain in our world, which leads us to lesson number three.

3. Doubt Your Own Thoughts Every Now & Then


There was a time when the world’s greatest scientists believed that molecules are the smallest units of a compound, and guess what? They were wrong; atoms are. See, don’t be so sure. Doubt your beliefs, that’s how you grow.

4. Friends Not Agreeing With Your Opinions Doesn’t Make Them Foes

Yes, we can live in a world where we all have different minds about things in our life, that’s why we were created different in the first place. Ah, walahi!

5. Don’t Put On the Educator’s Suit

Msh 3ashan you read the news every morning and you’re a bit aware of some political issues, you can consider yourself an expert and start to ‘educate’ people and roll your eyes when they don’t understand what you’re talking about. That’s just annoying!

6. Don’t Judge People For What They Believe


Everyone has their reasons to believe in what they believe. It’s not anyone’s place to judge or shame someone for that. Even if the majority of people believe in something, that doesn’t make it right.

7. Respect…That’s the Key Word

Last but not least, show respect. Don’t ridicule something simply because you don’t agree with it. Debate and discuss in a civilized manner.