By Nadeen Waleed

Your guide to excelling at your job, or as I like to call it Work 101! Check out these 7 attributes to find out how!

1. A Multitasker

No matter how good you are at your job, if you’re not a multitasker, you’ll always be behind your fellow coworkers. A boss will always like the employee who answers his/her questions while logging data into a computer and filling out papers, simultaneously.

2. Doesn’t Complain

This seems so basic, however, people tend to forget about it. Do not complain. Believe me; your constant nagging about how your boss mistreats you won’t get him fired. It will only weaken your position in the firm.

3. Is Always Fun

Since we were kids, the one who got the most attention was always the one who could make us laugh. It’s still the same when we’re older; people will ALWAYS prefer laughing over anything else. Being fun and lighthearted will always give you an edge among your coworkers.

4. Has a Good Relationship with the Staff

Try to maintain good relationship with your coworkers through respect, fun, and care. Don’t speak ill of someone because walls have ears, and you won’t be the best fellow out there when someone knows you’ve talked about them behind their back. Don’t spill out your secrets and problems to your coworkers; they either don’t care or are happy you have them.

5. Does Not Exceed Limits with Coworkers

Do not try to cross a minimum level of formality with your coworkers: do not fully depend on them, don’t be so cheesy with them, don’t be extra friendly with them…etc. At this phase of life, people tend not to trust or love so much, and if you still have a good and a kind heart, you might treat someone with intimacy and then get shocked of his/her attitude. Save yourself the drama and don’t cross the line (no matter what).

6. Fast & Efficient

Fast is heavily demanded nowadays. I’ve sat hours in my last internship observing an employee who would finish a task in 10 minutes, while it shouldn’t take more than 3-4 minutes. No wonder why the boss was always cross with her.

7. You Don’t Have to Be So Neat, Just Know Where Everything Is

Being neat is really important, however, do not waste too much time trying to clean and sort everything out. It’s good enough to know where everything is so when the time comes and you need it, you don’t waste more time trying to find it.

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