We’ve compiled our favorite and easiest costumes to inspire you to make your own! We all know Halloween is just an excuse to release your inner child and have a little fun. There’s no age limit to what you can and can’t wear! Take a look at these crazy outfits and start planning your ultimate Halloween costume!

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1. Jessica Rabbit

Just like Alessandra Ambrosio, you can easily pull off this outfit, as it only requires minimal changes. The Victoria Secret model opted for a red wig and purple gloves to portray this renowned sex symbol.


2. Trump & Clinton

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom outdid themselves in 2016. With the help of wigs and prosthetics, they transformed themselves into the carbon copies of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Well, Katy Perry literally did at least. Why not dress up as President Sisi?


3. Sandy Olsson

Gigi Hadid perfectly portrayed the Grease character with a modern twist. She completed the look with high-waist leggings, an off-the-shoulder crop top and a leather jacket.


4. Pretty Woman

This outfit could be worn at a house party, as it might be too racy for Cairo’s streets. But we love the aunt to niece irony. Emma Roberts’ outfit of the one and only Vivian from Pretty Woman was spot on!


5. Cruella de Vil

Why not dress up as your favorite cartoon villain? Iggy Azalea pulled all the punches in this Cruella de Vil costume. Complete the look with a half-dyed white wig, and pick any black and white outfit. It really is just about the wig.

6. The Hulk

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is truly unrecognisable. If you have green paint, a black wig, torn jeans and killer abs, then you could easily pull this look off.

7. Pocahontas & Cowboy

Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend wore opposite costumes but still looked fantastic and totally in-sync! You can either do the exact same look or even go as far as creating a Pocahontas & John Smith costume.

8. Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo

Revamp your inner glam with a 20’s inspired look. You and your other half will look like the sharpest couple at the party. Work it!


Any ideas yet? Start planning for the ultimate Halloween party entrance!