Each year, there’s an abundance of Ramadan commercials. It’s always the time of year for marketing teams to really shine and showcase their creativity. Here are our favorites!

1. 500500 Cancer Hospital

This is a lovely commercial, full of life, color and love. You see celebrities like Kinda Aloush, Mohamed Ramadan and Yosra, playing with a lot of children. We also notice Lamees El Hadidy towards the end of the commercial, something which resulted in a lot of confusion with the audience and generated a lot of hilarious memes. The commercial is everything it should be, showing how you don’t necessarily have to only donate money but also your time to play with these children.

2. Magdy Yaacoub Hospital

This commercial is so simple, yet really memorable and sweet. It features a child going through an amusement park and seeing Ahmed Helmy and Donia Sameer Ghanem in different costumes, all while singing a very sweet song about how strong a beating heart is. Delivers the message beautifully.

3. EG Bank

These series of commercials are simply genius! They’re so simple but creative at the same time. All the commercials have one thing in common, a poor guy who seems to be ignored by everyone and no one takes notice of his needs. The bank then promises to cater to his needs. The guy, who some people named 2oofa, won the hearts of all Egyptians this Ramadan and he definitely won ours too!

4.  Coca Cola

“Meen ely fel tor2a?” We have to ask ourselves this crucial question. Coca Cola’s ad is simple, funny and stresses on the importance of family gatherings in Ramadan. Do you think we’ll find out at the end of Ramadan meen ely wa2ef fel tor2a?? We’re dying to know!

5. Carrier

This commercial is pretty clever. We have no patience for long commercials, and this one is short and witty. Countless memes were generated from this commercial. Now we all want things like Mona.