The day you’ve been dreaming of ever since you were just a little girl is finally here. Wearing the tablecloth as your veil and pretending to be the bride was probably your favorite game. The day has finally come and you’ve set a date, so it’s time to start digging for suppliers starting off with the photographer and wedding planner. What you will be left with after the wedding are the pictures and how long will people be talking about your fairy-tale wedding. To guide you through the hectic search for photographers, we have gathered up a list of the best wedding photographers and planners in town just for you.

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Wedding Photographers

Remon Elmarkiz

Hamed Kamel

Daniel Salib

Fadi Mckean

Guru Photo House

Fady Naguib

Photo by: Fady Naguib | Fady Naguib Photography

Moka Studios

MP Studios

Wedding Planners

Flower Power


Noha Khalil

Awan Elward



Stand Out

Zeena Events