True love is a rare feat, which is why most couples never make it to the finish line. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the lovers of failed relationships didn’t love each other. It only means that their love wasn’t true, as true love never dies. Love is not measured by how many years two people have been together or if they got a happily ever after or not. It’s measured by how well they handle the situations they’re put in. We have tried to round up the best and the worst on-screen and real life couples to this date. Let’s take a look!

The Best Couples

1- Monica and Chandler


Monica and Chandler were each other’s best friends above all. Chandler and every other character on the show often joked about how much better Monica could do. But what makes them one of the cutest couples in my eyes, is the fact that Monica never made him feel like he doesn’t deserve her.

2- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr.


They started dating way back on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer and have been together ever since. Anyone could tell they are a great couple because the tabloids are not often filled with rumors about their relationship. They keep their private life private and look how well that worked out for them. Let’s hope this couple never meets their ending.

3- Jesse and Celine


They were two strangers who met on a train and ended up spending a magical night together in Vienna. The series of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight depicts a rare, real, raw and emotional love story, unlike most romantic films. Their love isn’t glorified and written in a way that would make it sound like a fairytale; it’s honest and beautiful. 

4- Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd


Meredith and Derek didn’t have it easy, but they can’t not be on this list. Derek was the one who taught us that when two people are angry at each other, doesn’t mean that they stop loving each other. Meredith taught us that you can easily live without the person you love, but you just don’t want to. This is what a healthy relationship is.

5- Beyonce and Jay Z


They started dating in 2001 after meeting at a Vanity Fair cover shoot and got married in 2008. They obviously didn’t rush things, and that’s one of the keys to an everlasting relationship. When asked what makes her marriage to Jay-Z so easy, Queen Bee told us the key to their relationship is that they’re best friends first.

6- Phil and Claire Dunphy


They complete each other, because each of their imperfections helps balance the relationship. And in my opinion, they portray one of the best modern life marriages.

7- Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum


They are the kind of couple that brings warmth to your heart. They met while playing star-crossed lovers then became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. If you’re not convinced as to why they are on this list, go check out their Lip Sync Battle videos on YouTube where both of them defy gender stereotypes.

8- Nick Vujicic and Kanae


For anyone discouraged by love, real life couple NickVujicic and Kanaewill renew your faith.

The Worst Couples

1- Cersei and Jaime Lannister


Incest, that’s why. The dysfunctional “family relationship” never had us feeling a bit of understanding and affection. Even their chemistry oozes ickiness, and we can’t be remotely sympathetic to the hardships they go through. Their bond is just too weird.

2- Skylar and Walter White


Skylar and Walter White stayed together for the sake of their family and it was apparent that love was never the reason that brought the two together. They just kind of settled into a monotonous way of life that happened to include one another. And in the end, their marriage was doomed by their selfishness and bad choices.

3- Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries


When Kim announced that she was filing for divorce, she said in a statement “after careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage”. That careful consideration must have been less than 72 days, because that’s how long their epic marriage lasted for. Seriously, it takes me longer than that to finish a heavy book.

4- Romeo and Juliet


Their story is the epitome and probably beginning of forbidden love. I know I’ll be the odd one out admitting to how bad I think this relationship was, but hear me out. Juliet fakes death to be with Romeo, and when Romeo finds her with a heart that doesn’t beat, he kills himself to be with her. And when she wakes up from her “fake” death, she cries over his dead body and kills herself for real. Does that sound at all like a relationship anyone should be in awe of? True love might kill you, just not literally.

5- Ross and Rachel


They were each other’s lobsters, but I was just never a fan of their relationship. We all rooted for them to get back together but they didn’t respect each other. Whenever he was about to move on, she would destroy his relationship one way or another and he had zero respect for her interests and opinions.

6- Edward Cullen and Bella Swan


Real love makes you strong and builds your character. The love Edward and Bella had could barely make a paper kite fly. She just whined the entire time he was not with her, and all he did was look at her with piercing eyes and prove to her how fragile she really is. Lesser fools than us would find it romantic.

7- Fitz and Olivia


Olivia is strong and independent and could easily be one of the most badass women on TV. But somehow, whenever she’s around Fitz, she melts like a Popsicle and loses all her logic and common sense. Fitz, on the other hand, must be the most emotionally manipulative jerk on the face of the planet.

8- Penny and Leonard


He wants a trophy wife and she wants a sugar daddy. She never ceases a chance to make fun of how geeky he is and he compliments nothing about her except her ravishing looks. No, thank you.