Theย 39th Cairo International Film Festival has come to an end, and we donโ€™t have any fashion to discuss. Just kidding, we do, itโ€™s just not as exciting as weโ€™d wish it to be! To be fair, many of our favorite stars, in the light of the recent terrorist attacks, took things down a notch, and played it safe with black and muted colours. Letโ€™s take a look at what the red carpet had to offer.

Best Dressed

Here are our picks for the best dressed celebrities from last night’s event, in no particular order – except perhaps for the first look.

Amina Khalil


Amina is basically a celebrity icon now, not just for her acting skills, but her fashion sense is always top notch. Sleek green silhouette, sheer lace sleeves, retro waves, and a fun glitzy clutch. This was by far my favorite look of the evening.

Jamila Awad

Jamila Awad went forย black. She looked fantastic in this v-neck gown, with a side slit. Her messy waves gave the whole look a relaxed vibe, and we love how she complimented the dress with subtle accessories.

Dyaman Bou Abboud

Winner of the Best Actress Award for the film Insyriated wore a single-shouldered black, velvet gown. Accessorising with only gold earrings and bangles. She looked quite glamorous.

The Not Sure List


I do admire her brave fashion risk-taking but I donโ€™t understand the outfit. In particular, the top half confused me – from the puffy satin sleeves to the geometric/sheer bodice, Dura was lost in the shuffle.

Nelly Karim

Nelly Karim looked beautiful, the problem is, this outfit is typically her, that’s why she belongs in this list. We are not sure this is the right look for her, since it adds nothing to her fashion journey.


This year there were many lackluster looks to choose from, but of everything, these were our least favourite.

Hana Sheeha

You probably knew this one was coming. This looks like one of ‘You know who’s’ disastrous projects. While I love her accessories โ€“ her necklace looks fabulous โ€“ her gown had too much going on for my taste. We have a high and low dress, which is also a dress on pants, which also has ruffles in the sleeves, AND an atrocious ruffled half petticoat [at least I think thatโ€™s what it is!]


Iโ€™m heart broken. Queen of our hearts, why?! You could wear anything, and you chose this?! It looks like there was only 1 black dress left in Cairo, she grabbed that then had to throw on one of those fuzzy blankets to keep warm! I get Yosra doesnโ€™t need to impress but this is a huge fashion misstep.

Elham Shahin

Well, let’s say this outfit was a total miss for the big star Elham Shahin! But we will always love her no matter what!

Nabila Eibid

The last time a snake, and now a lizard, what is it with reptiles ya gama3a?

  • Rania El-Helaly

    I totally agree with the lists except for Amina , love her but the dress design is so outdated and she could have picked a more ‘WoW’ dress.. it looked like something out of our grandmothers closets that they wore for Um Kulthum concerts