Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a great honor; it’s also a time to  put your multitasking skills to the test. You will have to have all the patience in the world for this particular task. Here are seven things you never thought of doing as a bridesmaid:

Emergency Kit

This is the first must have. This emergency kit will include: band-aid, Panadol, pads, mini hair spray, gum and bobby pins.

Bathroom Duties

Whatever your bride is wearing, it’s going to be lavish that’s for certain. She will need help when nature calls.

Have Numbers of All Vendors

The bride won’t have her phone on her that’s for sure; you have to have the numbers of all the vendors handy just in case.

Running Errands

That probably never crossed your mind. You will be helping your bride with getting her new house ready. Things like shopping for furniture, unpacking her clothes, cleaning the house, supervising workers and the list of bizarre duties goes on.

Wearing a Color that Doesn’t Complement You

A certain color will be chosen by the bride for her bridesmaids’ dresses. It might not even be a color you like to wear, but you will have to anyway so embrace it! You must surrender.

Power Bank

A fully charged and functional power bank has to be with you at all times. You may think you won’t be using your phone much, but you will be surprised at the number of calls you will have to make and take.

Listening to Constant Complaints

Your bride won’t be as easygoing as you might like her to be. She will be complaining, even if it’s about your hair. Yes, your hair! Be the unpaid therapist and endure it all.

Wedding Gift

Don’t just buy something off their registry. It has to be something sentimental.

Calm Bridezilla in Time of Need

Emotional support is vital. There will be times when the bride will flip because of some major problem or something she forgot. Damage control is required.

Be the bridesmaid you yourself want to have. It will help put everything into a better perspective.