By: Noha Essam

You are who you are with no need to prove, justify or explain yourself to anyone. If you still haven’t learned how to love yourself and appreciate it, then don’t seek others in search for your own worth. People can mirror certain traits in your personality, but they can never ever define the real you.

It is very normal that at some point in life you will need to stop and question your path, your progress and even your own purpose. It happens as an essential part of personal growth. It is not madness, and you are not a lunatic. You should rather worry, though, if you keep on moving in the path of life without stopping by, at least for once, to ponder and assess.

As human beings, we were brought on this earth to play several roles. We all have our obligations and commitments; be it social, professional or personal. We are pillars in each others’ lives; siblings, partners, colleagues, leaders and above all humans.

You always have to remind yourself that whatever role you’re playing here, it must be carried out heartily and with passion. Put your entire soul in every part you are here in life to accomplish. Perfection is not the target, and seeking it will leave you going in endless circles of self-doubt.

We are not sublime or super gods; we’re just the creatures of God in his big universe to complete the universal chain and contribute to a better world.

So next time you stop by to question and to assess, remember you are here, now, you have a free will and a unique spirit. Remember that mistakes happen and accept that they are a part of your learning process and growth. Remember that you are the change you want to see in other things, people and places. Remember that you can move, turn back and make the change even if it means starting all over again.

Always take pride in every trial and every error, and in being brought to this life to make a difference.