Christine Massarany is a young Egyptian fashion designer who we expect to be taking the fashion world by storm. We got the chance to meet with her while she gave us a glimpse about her background, how she started her career and where her passion for clothes came from. 

When and how did you become interested in fashion?

I was always fascinated by clothing since a very early age. Choosing what to wear was my favorite part about going out, whether for a party, dinner or a wedding. Getting ready and picking my look for the outing was always exciting. I’m a very moody person and my style keeps changing depending on how I feel, so I used to experiment with different styles.

Christine MassaranyDid you always know you wanted to become a fashion designer?

Yes, It’s always been my dream to become a fashion designer and have my own brand. One day, I decided to make this dream a reality and transform this passion into a career.

What was the first step you took to transform your passion into a career?

I started 2 years ago by taking a course here in Cairo to learn more about the history of fashion in different eras and how fashion evolves with time. I also learned how to draw a figure as well as study the female silhouette and how to draw it. Then I decided to fly to London to take another course, which taught me more about fabrics, colors and the latest fashion trends.

What and when was your first milestone in conquering the fashion design world?

My latest workshop “La Mode a Beirut” here in Egypt gave me the perfect opportunity to actually work on a dress; it was the real challenge. This is when I realized that I have taken the first actual step to become a fashion designer.
Christine MassaranyChristine Massarany

Tell us more about your experience throughout “La Mode a Beirut”

I was to work on 2 dresses; one was a common theme for all students to implement, which was “Cleopatra in New York” and the other one was of my choice. I learned everything from drawing and perfecting the sketches, to choosing the fabrics and putting them together.

Christine Massarany

Christine Massarany

How did you feel when the workshop was over and you first saw models wearing your designs and walking down the runway?

The moment where we all displayed our dresses during the final fashion show was unforgettable. Walking down the runway with my 2 models wearing my designs felt surreal to me.

Christine Massarany

Christine Massarany

What is your next move?

Seeing my dream materializing has given me the right push I need to kick off my first “pret-a-porter”collection which I’m aiming to launch in spring/summer 2017.

We can’t wait to see what Christine has in store for us next! But whatever it is, we know we’re excited!