By: Sara Mahmoud Mohamed

It all started when a girl called ” Israa Mahdy ” posted three voice recordings on her account, asking everyone to listen and share.

The records, reveal a disgusting conversation between a college professor and his student. He, allegedly, forced her to write an admission that she was throwing herself on him while he refused. Then he told her to take off her clothes to take photos of her and when the girl refused and screamed, he threatened that he would kill her!

The voice recordings are full of insults and threats making the internet go angry over such behavior.

If true, the professor in question, is  allegedly “Yassin Lasheen” and he is a professor at the faculty of mass communication – Cairo University, and it was not the first time he was accused of unethical behaviors.

The college students shared their experiences with him, admitting he used blackmail techniques against his students. They added he threatened if they want to pass his subject they had to pay him and buy him presents. He was already suspended since last April.

This story reveals the real power of social media and how it can help unheard voices.

The hashtag ” #حاكموا_ياسين_لاشين ” is already trending and we hope he gets what he deserves if the allegations were true!