Concept-Me is a brand that combines four disciplines of design, interiors, art and architecture through a creative hub in Al Quoz called DiaA-gram no.4.It is revolutionising the Design scene in the region by introducing a unique approach that sees these four pillars of creative expression unified under one roof to ‘generate a singular space experience’. The space can be described as a studio, store and a hub.


“The ethos of the brand is design but the space will interact as a real creative hub, ‘un espacehabité’ in French, a studio, a store, a café, a place for discussion, a venue for meetings and a place to share the flow of creative properties,” explains Concept-Me founder, Nina Parvaresh.



The Studio: ‘Generating singular space experiences’

One of the featuresat Concept-Me is the ‘special collaboration’ with award winning international design studio, Orproject -HasebZada, partner and design principal.


Concept-Me studio focuses on generating unique space experiences embracing various project scales, across product design, interiors, architecture and urban planning to generate unparalleled space experiences, each with a unique story to tell. The design house operates between Paris, KSA, UAE and Iran. The company has completed projects for the top industrial families in the region as well as regionally regarded bespoke retail and corporations.



Orproject specializes in building form from principal, exploring advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda, the integration of natural elements into the design. Haseb’s work is highly recognized by International Pritzker price Architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis who termed him as ‘the next Zaha Hadid; as well as the family members of the ruling families of UAE and Afghanistan, leading him to be a Presidential representative and advisor of ‘Architecture and Development’ in Afghanistan. The work’s of Orproject have been published and exhibited internationally at the London Architecture Festival, Milan 2015 EXPO, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the China National Museum in Beijing.


Through this collaboration the design houses will share their unique design philosophy and extensive portfolio’s to offer full in-house architecture and design services.


The Store: ‘everyday unique pieces’

Concept-Me is launching its Zero collection, a limited edition of globally sourced edgy objects and furniture pieces.The Zero collection will first be showcased at DiaA-gram no.4, followed by marking the launch of their e-shop in June 2016. New collections will be continuously launched every season with a unique approach combining modernity, originality and exclusive craftsmanship.



The Hub: ‘create places for beautiful minds’

DiaA-gram no.4 gives clients and visitors an insight into Concept-Me’s artistic lens, while reflecting the four disciplines (design, interiors, art and architecture) that encompass the space.  The space brings together diverse and interesting brands and creatives from different industries- a product mix that is designed to present clients with a unique offering to compliment whatever projects that they envision. A carefully curated collection of global interiors, art, technology and jewelry brands will be beautifully showcased. Brands include, Golran, Pierre Frey, Ponti, Vistosi and Vibia and Creative Closets, some of which will be exclusively available in the region at the hub.


The greater aim of Concept-Me is to provide a real importance to content, collaborations and the process behind the final product. To reinforce this unique position, they have chosen an ‘alternative space’ out of the expected paths in order to create a raw and unique experience like nowhere else in the UAE. With a brand ethos that strongly believes in supporting craftsmanship, Concept-Me used neighbouring factories and workshops to build DiaA-gram no. 4 in Al Quoz.


The space is set to officially launch on 20th of April alongside their very own website.  The e-commerce comes to life in June, 2016 and will feature Concept-Me’s own range as well as selected collections from the wide range of exceptional brands available in Al Quoz, DiaA-gram no.4.