Summer is finally here! Now we are looking for ways to cool ourselves whether it’s by the pool or having a refreshing drink or snack. We have the answer for you! Grab yourselves and go to the Nile Ritz Carlton who are offering delicious and energy-boosting snacks this summer!

Cairo doesn’t have to be so hot when you can enjoy a beautiful ice-cold watermelon snack. The Nile Ritz Carlton have you covered! With a variety of sweet, juicy and thirst quenching watermelon recipes. Nothing screams summer like some watermelon!

During the month of July, you can enjoy a variety of watermelon themed foods and recipes. Have it with some Feta cheese, in a salad or even on its own, choices are endless with meals made by their talented culinary team. It’s the ultimate watermelon fiesta which will definitely make you forget about the heat!

Summer is also all about the liveliness of citrus fruit. With delicious and energizing scents of citrus fruits, the 2 star Michelin star restaurant Fête du Citron at Vivo in the Nile Ritz Carlton will offer a huge selection of delectable Italian dishes incorporating several fruits.

Fruits like lemon, limes, grapefruits and oranges are picked out very carefully to ensure freshness and the highest quality meals that will leave you wanting more   

Indulge yourself in a healthy and nutritious menu made by the very talented Chef Carmine. Don’t forget to treat yourself to Chef Carmine’s weekly specials during the month of July.

Summer has never been so cool.