Coushies, a brand that connects artists from different fields of art with Egyptian embroiders, launched to produce premium hand-embroidered decorative cushions made by talented underprivileged Egyptians.


Coushiescollaborates two NGOs that bring out hidden Egyptian talents, resulting in detail-oriented, embroidered cushions. Tawasol for Development is one of the NGOs, and it provides free education to children following a curriculum certified by the Ministry of Education while also providing vocational workshops. These workshops enable children to learn a craft in parallel to their academic education.

The second NGO is Rommana for Development Workshops, which trains and employs women in the underprivileged Mokattam area of Cairo, on the crafts of sewing and upholstery, which provides a sustainable income to around a number of women-headed households.


“Coushies aims to empower Egyptian women and children to turn the authentic designs of Egyptian artists into unique products. We are very happy to be bringing together the work of graphic designers, visual artists, and painters, and fashion and jewelry designers, and also to be collaborating with NGOs that provide the workshops that aim to develop local talents through the making of the cushions,” expressed Yasmine El-Mehairy, Co-founder of Coushies.