When it comes to love, we’re all a bunch of freaks who try their best to act chill. Being in love is fan-freakin-tastic, but, when couples reach their peak and become totally comfortable around each other, they start doing freaky (or adorable) stuff in each other’s presence. Here at the office, we were casually contemplating the nature of certain activities couples do or might do together and couldn’t agree on a bunch of them. We decided to venture out and let you be the judge. 

1- Going to the bathroom together?

2- Finishing each other’s sentences?

3- Calling each other cheesy nicknames?

4- Sharing a toothbrush/razor/etc.

5- Texting while they’re in the same room because there are people around?

6- Sniffing each other’s clothes?

7- Talking to each other in third person?

8- Farting competitions?

9- Burping competitions?

10- Knowing each other’s fart smells?

11- Matching clothes and tattoos?

12- Saying “we” instead of “I”?

So which ones do you find cute and which ones do you find plain creepy?