A court ruling was declared against Ibrahim Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Refa’i, the 34 year old man who was accused of raping the 18 month old girl known as the “Pampers Child”, where he received a death penalty.

“This is the justice we were waiting for. Now, my granddaughter will go out on the street with her head raised high, and she will chant after this verdict.” Those were the first words said by Salah Ammar, the grandfather of the Pampers Child, Janna, after the court has released its verdict on Tuesday.

Ammar also demanded that the execution be carried out in a public field where the rapist would set an example for those who would dare to follow in his footsteps. He also rejected the idea of any other stages of litigation, saying that there should not be an appeal. The rapist has already admitted his doing, and there is not much left to do.

As for Janna, the beautiful Pampers Child, Salah Ammar has assured us that she is still being psychologically treated from the traumatic incident. He added that “She’s in a state of severe anxiety and fear whenever a stranger is in the house or outside.”