The biggest party in Sahel is about to take place next Friday August 11th, 2017 featuring Nicole Saba and Luis Fonsi. Despacito is boosting Puerto Rico’s economy, can it have the same effect in Egypt?

Nicole Saba has been selected to perform alongside Luis Fonsi because of her huge fan base in Egypt and the whole MENA region in general. The party came together under the collaboration of ARCO and Rimedia; it’s believed to be the biggest summer party in Sahel for 2017.

Some people are saying they’re getting bored of hearing Despacito everywhere they go. Oops, looks like you will be hearing it one more time. On the other hand, some people added the Egyptian tabla to it:

Also taking place is The King Mohamed Mounir’s concert on August 11th, 2017 at Golf Porto Marina.

Looks like next weekend Sahel will be on fire.