Maison SG which is an upcoming Women Wear luxury brand, owned by the young Egyptian designer Sara Gabr is participating and having her First Fashion show in Dubai, UAE. Being the only Egyptian designer participating in the catwalk for ‘The BrideShow’ Dubai 20th Edition has a lot of responsibilities but we all know for sure that Egyptians can do everything perfectly. Maison SG’s designs have a path in fashion that defines the character of the brand. Her designs speak to her clients, as for Sara her clients are a very important part of her life, they are her second Family. From Glamorous, Girly designs to Fierce, bad-gal looks, every single identity in clothes you will find in Maison SG. Maison SG founded in 2014 started with Casual wear, and here we are in 2017 with Casual Wear, Ready-Couture, and Haute Couture collection to the First fashion show for Maison SG in the Middle East.  


You can also have your invitation to the Fashion show by sending a mail to their official email [email protected] or Instagram account: maisonsg__

Sara Gabr is a young architect who dreamt of being a fashion designer since she was 15 years old. She started to take fashion courses online during her studies in Architecture, and continued studying fashion after graduating in Milano, Italy. Her dream is to put Egypt on the top of the Fashion Fields countries as what we had in the past that Egypt was the first country to have the newest trends from France, Italy, and other Fashion capitals. She believes that Egypt has so many fashion talents that could create a new fashion map in the world. Her latest Collection the ‘Dark Capsule’ talked to people’s dark side, the side we all hide even from ourselves, the silence we all have when we want to talk and express our feelings. The many times we pretend to listen but we are just hearing, and just listening to our dark thoughts. This collection is AW’17 that has a lot of creativity came from the team worked with Maison SG to deliver such a collection.