Cairo, June 4 – Google released on Sunday a collection of the most trending TV series and charities on Google during the first week of Ramadan in Egypt. The data also includes a list of the most popular YouTube videos.


Fantasy series Kafr Al Delhab topped the list of most trending TV shows followed by Ahmed Al Sakka’s Al Hosan Al Aswad. As for YouTube, comedy productions topped the list with prank show Hani Hez Aljabal at number one followed by Ahmed Mekki’s Khalssana Besheyaka. As for charities, Resala and the Egyptian Food Bank topped the list during the first week of the holy month.


Given that search interest in recipes usually spikes before and during Ramadan, this year’s of trending Ramadan dishes was dominated by dessert with Konafa coming in at first place, followed by Qatayef. The list also included favorites such as Goulash, Bechamel pasta.


Below are the complete lists:


Most Trending on YouTube

1.    Hany Hez Aljabal – 2nd Episode

2.    Khalssana Besheyaka – 1st Episode

3.    Kafr Delhab HD – 4th Episode

4.    Shah Ruh Khan’s Reaction after Ramez Galal’s Prank on his Show Taht El Ard

5.    2nd Episode – Rayah El Madame

6.    Mothers in Ramadan – Sketch by Shady Sroud

7.    In La La Land – 1st Episode

8.    In La La Land – 2nd Episode, Donia Samir Ghanem

9.    Thel Al Rayess – 1st Episode

10. Al Za’ebak – Episode 3


Most Trending Foods on Google Search Engine

1.    Konafa

2.    Qatayef

3.    Bechamel pasta

4.    Gollash

5.    Grilled chicken

6.    Sweet dumplings

7.    Tahini paste

8.    Baklava

9.    Duck

10. Balah Al Sham


Most Trending TV Series on Google

1.    Kafr Delhab

2.    Black Horse

3.    Al Za’ebak

4.    Kalabsh

5.    Lam’ee Al Ot

6.    Khalssana Besheyaka

7.    La Tatfea El Shams

8.    Afareet Adly Allam

9.    Allahoma Eny Sayem

10. Rayah El Madame


Most Trending Charity Organizations on Google

1.    Resala

2.    Egyptian Food Bank

3.    Misr El Kheir Foundation

4.    Dar Al Orman Association

5.    Cairo Kidney Center

6.    Magdi Yacoub Foundation

7.    Al Baqyat Al Salehat Association

8.    National Cancer Institute