Egyptian dating is unlike any other; it’s weird and dysfunctional. But what’s weirder than the dating scene is the lingo we use regarding this aspect of our lives. No one can fully understand an Egyptian like a fellow Egyptian, because they wouldn’t be able to wrap their heads around our bizarre lingo.

So if you’ve got street cred or just spend too much of your time on social media, you have definitely heard one, some or all of these terms! 

1- Sha2t 

(n.) A.k.a. catch a girl! Guys love sports, so of course they would integrate a sporty term into their dating rituals. El sha2t is an art not every guy excels at but those who do, know all the good pickup lines.

2- Farkasha 

(n.) This one is obvious, but surely it had to make the list. We use it so often and so casually without thinking twice about it. But Farkasha? Really? We couldn’t have come up with a better term?

3- Tazbeet

(n.) Another word for “beyzabato” is “beysastemo”, and it just makes it all sound so complicated like they’re trying to defuse a bomb. It absorbs all the fun out of dating!

4- 2e2fesh Qet3a 

(v.) This is only used by guys, as you will never hear a girl telling her friend that she “afashet qet3a” that one time she was at a party! 2e2fesh qet3a is not exactly the nicest term; are they referring to a prostitute, a girl they actually like? You never know as it goes both ways.

5- Ta3teef/Talteef 

(n.) This is the pre-dating fun! When two beylatafo or bey3atafo with each other, it means they’re at this phase when they both know they have something for each other yet they’re still not officially dating.

6- Beygor Na3em

(v.) If a guy beygor na3em with you, it means he’s flirting and trying to escape the friendzone. Aside from dating, beygor na3em is what happens when a person you are pissed off at is doing his best to make it up for you. In other words, beygor na3em is kissing ass.

7- Eh Nizam?

(q.) This is the Egyptian equivalent of Joey Tribbiani’s famous catchphrase: How you doin’?

8- Zallaf

(n.) A7la Zallaf fel 3allam is the worst thing that could happen to any guy. If a guy etzallaf, it means that he was ignored/friendzoned in the ugliest way possible.

9- El Gaw

(n.) Those WEREN’T the days my friend. We’re glad they came to an end. I was referring to the days where the term El Gaw was still considered hip. If you still use this word, please know that your dating dictionary is outdated.

10- Mortabet 

(adj.) Old souls and classical people still use this term as they don’t like to say “mesa7eb”.

11- Sahwaka 

(n.) El sahwaka is Nazmy and Ashgan. Enough said.

12- Edetny El 3aly

(v.) For a girl to give the guy “el 3aly” means that she gave him a Zallaf! It would have made more sense if it was Edetny El Waty though.

It’s no wonder the divorce rate is high! Please do enlighten me if I’ve missed any Egyptian dating terms.