By: Shereen Gaber

Egyptian designers are now on the rise with new talent blooming in every direction. They work hard to achieve the highest levels of success and a lot of them did. They go on to create breathtaking and unique products. Here are a few of our favorites!

Amina K

With unique pattern and designs, Amina k has really made a name for herself.ย  Braided clothing seems to be her specialty which gives her designs a very casual yet fancy look.


We now know who they are. The two sisters, Aya and Mounaz, devoted themselves to creating beautiful bags with a touch of Egyptian artistry.

Amr Saad

With designs that are out of this world, itโ€™s no wonder that even celebrities are now sporting Saadโ€™s sunglasses.


With two fashion awards under her belt, itโ€™s no surprise why Temraza is now a big name in the fashion world. Temraza has both local and international clients.

Jude Benhalim

This jewelry brand is known for its unique take on oriental designs which combine both modern and traditional geometric designs inspired by architecture.

Misura Designs

Whether you want shoes for your big day or need a pair for a special occasion, Misura has you covered!ย  Everything is custom made so the sky is your limit!

Samar Saied

Samarโ€™s designs are girly and fun. What makes her designs so special is that she hand paints the designs on her garments making every piece truly unique!