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Imagine that a foreign friend of yours came to pay you a visit here in Egypt. Wanting to get a good feel of the country, they ask you to translate to him/her every single word being uttered around you.

Let’s have some fun and put ourselves in our foreign friends’ shoes and hear the translation of some Egyptian expressions that are only saved for us, Egyptians.


1. Teslam Eidk

If someone wants to compliment somebody for cooking for them…

2. Darabni W Baka, Saba2ni W Eshtaka

That’s how we fight here in Egypt.

3. El Regl Tedb Matra7 Ma Te7b 

Mary Mounib is always right, it’s a free country.

4. Dary 3ala Sham3etak Te2id

A mother’s piece of advice to live by.

5. Shil Da Mn Dah, yerta7 Da 3an Dah

That’s a lot of “this”!

6. 5alty w 5altak W etfara2o El 5alat

How many aunts do we have now?

7. Mn 3enaya

That’s just so weird!