I blame Juicy Couture for perfectly demonstrating why the velour tracksuit deserves a place on the list. Loungewear at its very worst, this look should only be worn at home.


Leggings as pants:

It really irks me when I see girls running around with leggings and a t-shirt that leaves their butt hanging out. And yes, your butt IS hanging out. Leggings are only slightly thicker than opaque tights. You wouldn’t wear tights alone, would you? Didn’t think so.


Brands Mania:

I pretty much believe that we are the most people in the world who wear brand name designers just to show off, not because we actually like their clothes. Apart from that, wearing a head to toe brands outfit is an absolute faux-pas!


Louis Vuitton bags:

They are not the ONLY bags in the world, you know that, right?


Hats on Hijab:

This should be considered as the ultimate fashion sin. Aside the fact that hats are old news; they shouldn’t be worn over hijab! If you’ve chosen to be veiled, try to deal with the fact that there are things you are not allowed to do anymore. It’s like wearing a bikini over a long sleeve top and leggings.


Matchy matchy:

Matching your shoe color, with your bag and belt is so 1997. It’s a big NO-NO!


Shorts over tights:

Stockings are super-cute when paired with a dress, but we can’t say the same for shorts. It was trending for a while, but now it’s time to let go of this ugly trend!


Too much makeup:

While a complete lack of makeup can make it seem as if you don’t care, too much isn’t a good idea either. It’s about capturing the essence of classic over sexy.


The invisible bra strap:

Why? Just… WHY? Invest in a racer back bra and a strapless one to subtly support your twins without have those plastic invisible straps peeking out from your top or dress. And FYI, we all see them!


Too much skin:

Follow the basic rule of exposing one area at a time. So if you're showing a lot of leg, put away the cleavage. If you're wearing a strapless dress, slightly lower the hem past peek-a-boo status.


Studs & spikes:

It’s as if this trend was specially made for Egyptians. Apparently, Egyptian girls has always secretly wanted to be that bad chic wearing this big leather jacket with studs and spikes all over it. Cool. Now get over this idea or image you have in mind and throw all your studded stuff away! It was a cool trend that we all enjoyed for a while, now it’s over.


Fake glasses:

If you don’t need glasses, don’t wear them. It’s as simple as that.