A new fad, aka the Fidget Spinner, has recently been taking the whole world by storm. It’s basically a little contraption that can be held with one hand and it spins. It supposedly helps those who like to fidget by clicking a pen or tapping their pencil against the table for example. It just occupies your hands. But now it has become a trend; with celebrities seen using them, kids playing with them and people doing tricks with them.

And did you think this fad won’t reach Egypt? Akeed la2a. It’s just as popular here among kids. My husband’s nephew has 2 of them. Why he needs 2, I don’t know. Does it help with fidgeting? Hell no. It makes kids more distracted that a lot of schools around the world have banned them from entering classrooms.

And like with anything new, Egyptians just love to make up their own stories about the new obsession. El touch bta3hom as we say. Countless Facebook posts claimed that the toy causes cancer (I don’t know how wallahi) and crossed eyes (7awal).

But my favorite story so far is how they renamed the toy to Midget Spinner. I saved the best for last. A post that’s been circulating on Facebook, in Arabic, claims that it’s a Freemasons object that wants to turn Arabs into infidels (are you laughing yet?) and that it was used as an engagement ring for gay couples (I don’t know how bardo). Just take a look at the post.

I don’t know why Egyptians have to try to be deep and act like they figured out the oldest mystery in the world. Because really, we’re so good at it. It’s just a stupid toy. Nonetheless, if anyone understands how they did these things in the post, momkin 7ad yeshra7ly wenaby?