By: Dahlia Elhalawany
Have you ever thought about what goes on inside a guy’s mind? The misery that he feels is so dark; this was vividly portrayed through a short film by Khaled Khella that gives us a sneak peek of how some guys really think! Sometimes they look void of any deep thoughts or like nothing much is going through their minds, but there is!

‘Egyptian Misery’ is a short film that was based on true events. It portrays how young guys often think and what runs through their minds. Khella’s inspiration came from a Facebook page called Egyptian Misery. He collected a number of thoughts by different guys and added them in the video.

The black comedy video tackles the common issues guys face every day as well as important life dilemmas they all go through. It tackles the pressures to be manly enough for the society and to not cry because society stipulates that they shouldn’t be weak.

Many other thoughts were addressed in the video. One of them is a guy’s hope to earn a lot of money so that he could marry the girl he likes. In a thought that illustrates illegal immigration, a guy couldn’t make up his mind which country to immigrate to, Italy or Greece, then he says he’ll keep rowing until any of them appears. Another deep dark quote from the video says “As long as you’re useless, no one can use you”. Another one was a guy standing next to a wall written on it “My name is kareem, and I want to speak to a girl on the phone”.

Many other thoughts were verbalized in the video; they all represent dark miseries Egyptian guys feel and face in their daily lives.

  • Eng Mohasseb

    اشمعنى هندسه