The only time the sentence “let’s finish what we started” isn’t sentimental nor nice is when two people decide to call their relationship off. Breakups are hard no matter the nature of the relationship and even the most non-romantic souls will agree with this. However, some endings are worse than others. Some breakups are just too damn tough that it takes longer to come to terms with what happened. So although time heals, sometimes you just can’t help but wish for a time machine to go back and undo what’s been done. Seven people shared with us the story of their relationship that went truly south. 

1- “I dated my high-school sweetheart, as we like to say, for five years, until one day I caught him cheating on me with my best friend. How did I know, you ask? Well, I saw them kissing one night in a narrow street, five minutes away from my house. They definitely had some balls.”

2- “I dated my cousin and it was the worst thing I did in my whole life. The guy proposed to me after 2 months of dating, and I was only 21, because his mom figured it out. It was horrible! I definitely broke up with him afterwards.”

3- “My ex and I were together for almost 4 years. The first two years were great, but the second two were otherwise. I had gotten the job of my dreams but the pressure of training was immense, and I couldn’t handle a serious relationship and an extremely demanding job at the same time so we slowly drifted apart. Everyday calls became everyday texts then everyday texts turned into the occasional “hey, how are you?”. We barely saw each other too then she decided that she’s had enough and I don’t blame her for that. After we broke up, she went on vacation to Europe and I decided to go there and surprise her, and that’s when it all went horribly wrong. The romantic gesture I pictured in my head turned into a nightmare. It was a complete mess, like a mushroom cloud after you fire a nuclear warhead. That was almost two years ago and now she’s married and I wish her the best.”

4- “When I was in high school, I met this girl through common friends and after a while of getting to know her, I realised that I had a huge crush on her and so I told her and we started dating. All of my friends urged me not to, saying that she will cheat on me and would never fall in love with me, but I ignored all their warnings and stayed with her for 3 years. The entire time we were together, I would hear things that I didn’t like but she would always explain herself somehow and I’d believe it. Then, after 3 years of playing the fool, I decided I can’t do it anymore and we broke up. Until this day, I hear new stories of how she used to cheat on me the entire 3 years of our relationship.”

5- “Back when I was still at uni, I used to date this girl whom I absolutely loved, yet unfortunately knew that it won’t last, because we live in a world where religion divides us apart. Then, I met this other girl whom I learned later had a crush on me, but we never had the chance to meet up as she was dating someone else as well. So after I broke up with my girlfriend, I started getting close to the second girl until we made out. She told me she likes me but I didn’t say anything back, because I was still in love with my ex so I only said that I liked her in a physical way which in my opinion was the sweetest thing I could say back then. Then we agreed that we won’t be hookup buddies and decided to quit the relationship because it’s not going anywhere. Two weeks passed by and BAM! She broke up with her boyfriend and called me while crying, so I met up with her to comfort her and we started talking again. We started to get close again, while her ex had no idea and kept waiting for her to text or call him, and that’s where I learned that you should never build your happiness on someone else’s misery. I didn’t care what the other guy was going through and didn’t put his feelings for her into consideration, because I was too indulged in the dating phase. We stayed together for a year and a half, while I knew she wasn’t the one and her ex was still chasing after her. We had no idea why we were together, but I’m assuming it was for purely physical reasons. Now, it’s been over a year since we broke up and I heard from her friends that she’s back with her ex.”

6- “I was in a relationship with this girl for almost two years, but I never really felt like I could trust her. I’m not proud to say this, but I started reading her conversations and that’s when I figured out that she’s been hooking up with this other guy for the last 6 months of our relationship. Needless to say, he was the same guy I used to worry about. Ever since, I learnt that I should always trust my gut when it comes to trusting people.”

7- “I was in an on-off relationship with this girl for more than a year and a half so after one of our breakups, I was like “this is it” and became completely detached. I started seeing another girl, who was my ex’s cousin, but none of them knew about each other. One day, they met up and my ex told her everything including that we’re still in a relationship and of course her cousin proceeded to tell her everything as well. They both confronted me together, and let’s just say that it didn’t go very well.”

Please share with us in the comment section about a personal relationship story that went horribly wrong. We’re all ears and unlike therapy, you don’t need to pay us to listen!

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