In an unprecedented move, after the emergency law lately activated, Egypt has allegedly shut down all VOIP, making it harder for its citizens to communicate with each other, and the outside world.

Reports say it started with facetime, then viber and lately Skype and Facebook messenger. Whatsapp has hardly worked before.

No official statement has been issued regarding the above mentioned, but people have been complaining of not being able to make calls over VOIP for the last few days.

This move comes after the recent bombings of the churches, in one of the deadliest attacks this year.

Check the latest updates through this link:

  • Ray Williams

    One thing tourists like to do is communicate with their relatives at home and show what a lovely time they are having in Egypt. I fail to see how or why the Egyptian government would need to do this it is rather like shooting yourself in the foot or throwing your wages in the trash.

    • Ahmad Ramzy

      Dear sir,

      We are delighted to have u as a tourist in Egypt and we really exert every possible effort to make ur vacation Relaxing and fun. As for the VOIP calls there has been a disruption in the past few days and it’s working fine now. We would like u to rest assured that the tourists presence in Egypt is more than welcome and that any procedure or measures taken are for ur own safety. Thx for choosing Egypt as ur vacation destination.
      Egyptian ppl

      • Ray Williams

        Thank you for your rapid response . I hope you are right and this is just another instance of the media stirring up trouble. The Egyptian people deserve better.

        • Bella Smith

          I assure u it’s fake news .. all working great .. nothing has been stopped and it will never .. Always welcome to Egypt

      • Olga Kalacheva

        Really? Skype is not working. I can’t call to my parents who r out of egypt

        • Lee Cooper

          There have been some problems with Skype itself – it’s not the government blocking it.

        • Bella Smith

          it’s working fine.. there is no blocking or anything .. may be prob with service provider

  • Sherif El Kadi

    Ahmed Ramzy…and who may you be ?

  • Lee Cooper

    Not more of this scare-mongering rubbish? The services HAVE NOT been blocked or shut down. yes, Egypt internet is a bit dodgy at time. I have personally used Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Viber today, 22nd April, from Egypt to various destinations.

    All this “the government is stopping this and that” is just fake propaganda by, usually, Muslim Brotherhood (aka Terrorist) sympathisers. Qatar, with it’s state-owned Al-Jazeera news organisation will create many fake articles as it hates the fact the Egypt got rid of Morsi because he was doing his best to destroy Egypt, as Erdogan is now doing in Turkey.


    • Bella Smith

      true .. all working at my end too.. every now and then ppl come up with these fake news

  • Ahmed Aly Moharram

    Ok, i can confirm that all of these services are NOT working for good.
    Really annoyed.

    • Lee Cooper

      Are you trying to use them on Wifi or via the 3G network? They don’t work on 3G and haven’t done for years. This is to prevent phone companies from losing business. It all works fine on Wifi/Internet.

      • Sounds Of Sarai

        How can you get it to work on 3G….? I cannot connect to skype over ADSL unless I use a VPN. However, when I connect using 3G, it doesn’t work at all, even with the VPN.

        • Sounds Of Sarai

          I can confirm that viber, whatsapp, fb messenger… all those work on both wifi and 3G…. Skype doesnt though.. I need help fixing it.

          • Lee Cooper

            Skype does not and will not work on 3G

            On WIFI, the latest version of skype has many issues when calling phones in the UK, that’s definite. We’ve installed a previous version here (7.x) and that works, but the latest version is awful.

  • Bella Smith

    Stop spreading this fake news as usual to make an issue.. everything is working fine and Egypt is a great country … skype/ fb/ each and everything is working great and now it’s 23/4 lol

    • no you are liar, everything is not working, video call not working