Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but even the nitpickers will be moved by this city’s aesthetic and lifestyle. El Shorouk City reflects a life of peacefulness and harmony, targeting the people who hope to find a quiet and refreshing place to live.

Ready to move, but aren’t sure where to go? We’re here to help you make a life-changing decision that can benefit you and your family. El Shorouk, which is located at the North East of Cairo, has all the basic amenities to insure the perfect way of living.

Speaking of accessible locations, El Shorouk is located right in front of Madinty and is less than 10 minutes away from Tagamoa. It might as well be considered the new center of the country as it is closer to Tagamoa than the New Capital.

El Shorouk boasts the perfect compound-vibe thanks to Carrefour and the array of cafes surrounding the arena. Grab a cup of coffee on your way to work, make your ultimate grocery shopping list or meet up with your friends for a quick outing.

Like we mentioned earlier, basic amenities are available to cater to your needs— also we would like to highlight that, only a few minutes away is the famous International Medical Center AKA Al Markez El Teby El Alamy.

Speaking of friends, this up and rising city hosts many popular universities like the British University in Egypt (BUE) and the French University in Egypt (UFE). It is also home to the British Columbia Canadian International School and other schools.

The ultimate goal is to attend institutions close to home, and some of the biggest schools are already practically in your backyard. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

El Shorouk has two access points from the Suez road and two access points from the Ismailia road, all to make it easier for residents to reach their destinations. Given that El Shorouk has no industrial zone, it truly is the new promising city of the future. It’s all about the variety of housing options that you can choose from, depending on the lifestyle you want to lead.

And guess what? Real estate prices in El Shorouk are way less than Tagamoa; a villa in El Shorouk for example costs approximately the same as an apartment in Tagamoa- it really can’t get better than this!

Starting with our personal favorite: LA VISTA Developments

From classic architecture to modern architecture, LA VISTA Developments has five premium projects named ‘EL PATIO’ featuring villas and apartments; all having spectacular greenery, pool views and outstanding landscape, let alone a 24/7
security that will make you feel safe at all times.

You deserve to enjoy the life you choose to have. El Shorouk is the kind of under-the- radar location that everyone has been talking about. Don’t miss the opportunity to seal your fate for a truly remarkable living experience.